Jesus I am done with life today.


Isn’t it weird how so many religious people choose homosexuality as the thing they need to protest? Like, of all the sins and bad things going on in the world: murder, violence, rape, poverty, homelessness, famine, war, corruption, greed, etc. Out of ALL of that stuff to try to change, they choose the only thing that doesn’t actually harm anyone? Like, to one of those people, what people do with other people’s genitals is more important than all the other stuff?

Congratulations! I only have 2 days until mine as well, so happy for you !!!!!

woop woop! so close! hope youre prepared and feeling great about it :)

Hey, I'm a new follower and just wishing you luck for the surgery and everything :)

i’ve only just seen this but thats very much! very pleased that everything has gone well :)